Sunday, 26 February 2012

few friends of mine

few weeks ago,,,
I found a good blog (again)!!!!
one of his/her story really inspired me,,,

he/she had shared about a few friends of hid/her with different background and behaviour,,,
now I would like to share a few friends of mine too,,,

I have a friend who really has a low profile,,,
who always be thankful for everything that he has,,,
he is wealthy enough but never showed it up,,,
and really has a helping hand for us,,,

and I have another friend,,,
who always makes people around her being underestimate,,,
she is so stubborn and selfish,,
also never wanna admit her own mistake,,,
always wanna be a perfect person,,,
and nobody likes her but we keep in silent,,,

I have few friends that really too honest,,,
they sometimes made my day,,,
has a great spirit for everything,,,
food,sport,joke,and sometimes they can be a great family,,
they've never made me feels like being betray or lonely,,

and I have a friend that really good in hiding her/his feeling,,,
it doesn't matter how people acted  around him/her,,,
she/he really has a unstable mood,,,
when he/she is in a good mood,,
we can feel the fresh air,,
but when the bad mood come,,,
fire like hell would be in the air,,,,
we cant even touch her/him,,,

so don't you think I have a lot of friends,,,
a lot of friends with different thought,,,
and big different in behaviour???
:) :)

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