Sunday, 18 March 2012

these past few days

it's been a week i haven't written anything,,,
it's not that i don't have time,,
but i do really not in a good mood,,
hardly being push to my limit with those bad behaviour of hers,,,
would like to talk about it soon,,
after I recover my feeling toward her,,
I do really hate a girl who trying to be cute,,
but actually ended up being a slut,,,
but I cant hold it back any more,,
I promise will talk about this soon,,,

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Stop kony 2012

maybe you have no idea what the hell is kony,,,
It's difficult for me to explain everything about him,,
it's also really painful to look at his action to our youth,,,
so I just give you one LINK that can explain everything,,
maybe for you 29 minutes it's too long,,
but trust me,,
it's worth watching,,,
just spend a little bit of your 24hours to this kind of the most inspired video ever,,,
you won't be regret,,,
and after i watched this video,,
i got one phase that really really great,,,
let's action talk,,,

and one more thing,,,
they have thins kind of STORE that sell t-shirt, bracelet and poster of  Kony,,,

I really really want it so badly,,
but I dont know how to purchase it,,
too bad,,,

nb: please watch it,,,it's not going to waste your time,,,
trust me,,,
sincere rizka :)

Sunday, 4 March 2012

this feeling when it comes to nanananana

last night I was visited by my friends,,,
we were talking about anything,,
they complain about my room,,
they were so amazed,,,
because last time he visited my room was like a pig-pen...
how cruel he was that night,,,

told that my room used to messy all the time,,
but now he's so amazing with this transformation,,,
we also talked about a lot of movies,,,
we are movie lovers,,,

and suddenly one on my girl friend "Y" saw the note that I stick it to the wall with words of encouragement,,,
then her hand feel itchy wanna write something too!!!
lets see the pictures of her hand writing,,,

this note  stick to my wall beside my bed!!!
she wrote this because these 2 days I've been so in love with my bed so I don't wanna move at all,,

this one is made by "my sister",,,
she is my house mate that I already consider her as my little sister...
ps: I always take bath dear sist,,,you know that :P 

this one also made by my girlfriend Y,,,

"Y" really hate korean drama even if she is a girl!!!
every girl loves korean drama!!!

I told you,,,
I love my bed so much so that I really didn't move my ass to see the sun,,,
that's why she wrote this,,
thank youuu,,,
btw cant you look at the clock??
it was almost 2 am!!! lol

here all of them,,,

how nice my friend right??
how about you??
dont you have a nice friends too??

Friday, 2 March 2012

take care of us captain!!!

my friend gave me one of the Korean drama that she think is really worth watching,,,
I've gone trough the web that was given by her,,,
I found the title and started to to watch it,,
from the first episode until 9(the episode that I recently watch),
my eyes full of tears,,
I couldn't hold it,
the drama makes me cried like I'm the one who felt it,,
it's really touching,,,
the drama is about pilot,co-pilot and stewardess,,,
and I have the Favorite episode  that is episode 7,,
it's really moves my heart,,,
from that episode,,
I've a conclusion that is,,,
"even if you were being adoption and was raised by people that really doesn't have blood relative at all with you just  because your biological parent didn't want to raised you up,,,or you think that you were being thrown by them,,,and at the end they come to you and ask for your forgiveness,,,please don't ignore them!!! no matter how much you hate them,how much you wanna forget them,,,just listen them even for awhile,,
after that let them hug you if they are about to ask,
because they also have the right to hug you tight,,,
if it was not because of them, you re not brought into this world,
so forgive them and hug them tight as long as you can while they still alive,,,
because when god take them back to his side,,,
regret would stick together with you for the rest of your life and you've never live peaceful"

really thanks to her that suggested me this drama,,, 
please take good care of your parents,,,
because I'm going to do so,,,
I love my parent so much,,
no matter what they have done,,
really thanks to them  because they brought me into this beautiful world,,,
:) :)
love you mom and dad,,,
you are really mean to me!!!