Saturday, 19 November 2011

the unique tea in the world

here a few unique tea from all over the world,,,
really would love to try all of them,,.
since I'm a big fans of tea,,,
check this out,,,

1.cigarette tea

2.Ineeka tea bag

3.tPod tea bag

4.Tea Forté

5.tea stick

6. T tea bag

7.tea to go stick

8.maum tea bag

9.tea stick stirrer tea bag

11.hanger tea

12.herbal tea bag

13.Origami tea bag

this is the last and the best tea ever among the best,,,

14.Blooming tea

check this video,,

What a great time to enjoy when we have such a tea like this,,,
would like to try it!!!

Thursday, 10 November 2011


it's 11-11-11,,,
today is suppose to be a great day,,,
but guess what,,,
i feel like so useless this time,,,
why all of them is sticking with me right now??
I've done so many mistake and wasted my time with something so useless,,,
and yet still doing it,,
keep repeat it,,,
I 've always done something that made my mom proud of me during my high-school
but why now I just feel like I waste my mom's money,,,
never study,,,
dont know a single thing about math any more,,,
you know what,,
I was great in Math,,,
I love math,,,
but now???
och my,,,
I dont know!!!!
really freaking me out,,
wanna cry!!!!
wanna scream!!!! 
please stay away from me!!!
please!!! T_T

Thursday, 6 October 2011

I've never been like this

I don't even know what is going on with me,,,
i skipped so many class since this Tuesday but i got nothing to do at home,,,
i don't wanna study but i'm going to face my test 1 on Tuesday,,
i don't wanna do anything that i'm supposed to do,,,
really tired of something but don't know what the hell is that,,,
wanna scream like no one can stop me but i can't even make my voice come out,,,
wanna scold some one,,
but i don't know who,,,
i'm so damn tired,,,
really really really tired that no one can understand,,,
I've no idea what's wrong with me,,
really don't know,,,
wanna cry like hell,,,

but i can't,,,
i can't,,,

i just like,,,

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

we are not terrorist!!!

sometimes i fell like wanna scream as loud as possible 
in front of their face who always say that 
the one who blow up our place of worship was a Moslem.
then can you think that how about us???
who should we blame on to when our mosque were destroyed too????
can you think about that???
even in many country says that 

we are  Moslem also have another label that is A TERRORIST,,,
can you feel that???
can you feel the feeling of being label???
when the terrorist be in action,

blow up everything that they feel like is blocking their ways,
to get the world in their hands,
then the whole world blame us a MUSLIM as a terrorist,,,
it's not even US,,,
the one who blow up your church,y
our office,your house even our mosque !!!! 
doesn't have a religion!!!
how come when they say that 
they are a MUSLIM but they blow up our mosque???
how come???
can you even think about it even for a while before you judge us a Muslim??

the one who blow up our places of worship maybe always bring an Al-quran.
but doesn't mean they are Muslim.
they just assembly of people 
who call themselves as a Muslim but they are not Muslim!!!,
who wanna split it up us as a human being because they are not HUMAN!!!
we are brothers and sisters...
living in the same place our mother of earth even we don't have the same religion.
but still we are human being who have feeling,
why don't we just live our life peacefully???
let's destroy the terrorists which on behalf of themselves as a religious.
and for god sake!!!
stop calling us a group of terrorist!!
because none of us as human being is a terrorist!!!
the one who always blow up our place of worship.
our house,our school,our office is the one who never have a brain and heart!!!
so they are not human,,,

muslim are not terrorist same goes to the others religion,,,,

let talk begins!!!

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Jay's birthday

another birthday party was celebrated by us,,,
jay's turn last night,,,
it was such a brutal birthday party that we ever celebrate,,,
but it was really fun,,,
let me explain a bit the chronologies of the party,,,
before we're heading to jay's house,,,
we were planning that all of us gather together in my house,,,
then we,,
no no no,,,
actually all of them accept me,wilya, dessy n fellix,,,
was planning that we wouldn't do anything to him,,,
because they wanted to throw durian to him,,,
it's because he doesn't like durian,,,
what a cruel planning,,,,
after that,,,
they put durian mixes with water,coffee powder, and flour,,,
can u imagine it??
all of us who didn't wanna do something bad to him just sit nicely in the bed and did nothing,,,
next thing was,,,
we're heading to his house,,,
he was surprised,,,

here is the birthday boy,,,
was making a wish,,,

and this was the birthday cake,,,
it was really nice,,,

taken by Sergio and ratna,,,
all of us with the birthday boy,,,

me and jay,,,
so lucky can take a picture with the whole cake without any damage,,,
because after he gave me this cake,,,
they was throwing this cake to his face,,,
it was a really nice cakeeeeee,,,

even if it can't be seen,,,
this picture is telling you that it's me who the one that became birthday girl beside the birthday boy,,,
he threw all of the ingredient that was supposed to be our weapon to attack him,,,
even i didn't planning on it,,,
and also the one who from the very first time did nothing,,
exposed to this lovely and beloved weapon,,,
durian and its friends,,,
but it's kinda fun tough,,,

happy birthday jay,,,
many many years return to you,,,
Whatever with the past has gone, The best is always yet to come.
hope all of ur dream comes true,,,
:) :) 

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

proud to be an Indonesian

last nite was a cultural nite that was given us,,,,
indo soul and saman dance chance  for show our ability in front of international student from all over the world,,,,
for us indo soul,,,
before the show,,,
exactly a  nite before the show,,,
we was worried because of the committee that wanna cancel our performance,,,
u know,,,
the day before the event they wanna cancel it,,,
how come??
we've been practicing about more than  2 months,,,
it was freaking me out,,,
i was so mad,,,
and luckily i have such a great teammate,,,

and finally we could show what we had,,,
we prove to the committee that because of us indosoul and also saman dance,,,
their event was nothing!!!!!
indo soul have receipt so many compliment from different people,,,
was such a honor for us,,,
we are nothing without u all,,,

and also for saman dnce,,,
they are practicing with every single energy that they have,,,
and they really deserved that award,,,
standing applause for them,,,
really proud to be an Indonesian,,,
last night we were really show them this is Indonesia,,,
a country with so many differences but we are all one unite,,,
nobody cant separate us,,,

thanks to god,,,
everything was going well,,,
nothing less,,,,

here some picture that was taken by julia,,,,

really thanks to you,,,
without you,,,
there is no goods that can we show to our children about the happiness that we felt last night,,,

saman dance got award ,,,
congrats to you,,,,

here i am was sing I dont wanna miss a thing 

saman dance

here we are,,,
indo soul

thanks for those who really supported us,,,
really big big thanks,,,

Thursday, 30 June 2011

just a wish

yesterday was my best friend birthday,,,
she is also my bassist  in my band,,,
we was planning her birthday party for view days before,,,
been thinking what kinds of party that we wanna make for her,,,
one day before her birthday,,,
we went to KL for watched movie (transformer),,,yuhuuuu,,, :)
was playing at time-square fun , played bowling and she was the one who lost,,,(ahahhahah)
then her sister has been calling us for several times about the party,,,
we really didn't know what she's planning on it,,,
her sister just asked us how to make her,come back to their apartment without any suspicious about it,,,
then,after we got to their place,,,
it was amazing,,,
i knocked the door,,,
the door was opened by her sister,,,
i was speechless,,,'
it was such a great party,,,
there are so many besties, small wishes written by us stick to the wall,,,
so many balloon,,,
apartment  with no bright light was open only small small candle was lit throughout the room,,,,
it was so many small candle,,,
*speechless again

and for the last was the cake,,,
what a special cake,,,
i do love it,,,
and finally birthday song was sang by us,,,
we celebrated her birthday with full of happiness,,,
she really has such a great sister here,,,
I wish my sister here too,,,
so she can make a plan for my birthday party,,,

I really wanna have such a birthday party like that,,,
I want to have a special surprise for my 21st birthday too,,,
someone play guitar and all of my besties sing birthday's song,,,
a special cake,,, ( not cupcake even though i like it lol )
something that really special,,,
there is no eggs is flour at all, no water,coke is thrown too,,,
want such a smile birthday party,nice surprise,
there is no one run around to avoid the egg or that kind of thing,,,

och yeah,,,
I'm growing so fast,,,
i mean not my body,,,
but my age of course,,,
and thankful,,,
I love my life,,,

thanks god for everything,,,

happy birthday JUNE,,,
wish u all the best,,,

Saturday, 25 June 2011


1.lonely boat 

2.a boat that was waiting for someone who wanna took the boat for a ride
so the boat can't feel lonely anymore

3.lost in the middle of the loneliness

4.waiting for someone in the middle of the loneliness

5.outside smiling inside was crying 
but a beautiful crying 

what a wonderful house

1.what a nice view,,, 

2.this is a real house,,, 
how amazing,,,
house inside a big big rock,,,

3.this is what i call peaceful scenery of a house

4.perfecto house 

5.nice architecture 

6.great great great house

7.damn nice,,,
I love this house always know how to make amazing house 
and I am an engineer 


10.if I have this kind of room,,,
I'm not gonna wake up the whole day,,,

Sunday, 22 May 2011

maseh bisakah aku bersyukur???

aku cma pngen smua subject itu pass,,,
ga da yg laen,,,
aku cma pngen lulus,,,
cari duit yg bnyak,,,
bhagiakan orang tua,,,
ga nyusahin kakak lgi,,,
tpi knpa selalu fail,,,
apa kapasitas otak ku yg sdikit???
atau papun itu,,,
aku cma ingin pass,,,
ga tega mikirin mama wktu ngeliat hasil exam,,,
yg ada d pikiran cma "how stupid u r rizka"
tpi apa,,,
aq mang seberuntung mereka,,,
aq cm pngen pass,,
itu aja,,,
ga pngen buat mereka sedih,,,
sumpah ga pngen,,,
aku kesal,marah,sedih,kecewa,,,
dmna kah letak keadilan???
aku udah berusaha,,,
sangat keras,,,
apakah itu kurang cukup???
hamba mseh bisa,,,
mseh bisa bersyukur,,,
percya lah,,,
percaya lah tuhan,,,
buat pengakuan hamba kali ini mudah,,,
hamba mohon tuhan,,,
jgn buat mama dan kakak  marah serta sedih,,,
cma itu tuhan,,,,

Sunday, 1 May 2011


bukan apa2,,,
aq tau itu sebagai candaan,,,
tpi beneran deh,,,
ga enak,,,
boleh aja aq di ejak ama siapa pun,,,
asal jgan ama dia, and anak2 laen ny d group kita,,,
aq beneran ga suka,,,
ga da alasan,,,
n ga da statement yg prlu d ucapkan,,,
saya kesel!!!!!
bener2 kesel,,,
tpi hanya kesel,,,
ga da unsur laen ny,,,

Sunday, 24 April 2011

random word

gw tau ada yg ga beres,,,
i'm not stupid,,,
i know there is something happen about me,,,
it's ok,,,
it's hurt me a lot,,,
thanks for that,,,

Thursday, 21 April 2011

a bit regret

ga tau mo blng apa,,,
dari awal yg ngebantuin itu cma org yg yg sama sekali bsa d blng bkan "best buddies",,,
ini acara bersama,,,
tpi ujung2 ny kelompok jga,,,
gw kerja dari awal tuh ikhlas,,,
dgn tujuan kita "bersama",,,
bkan yg masak y masak aja kerja ny,,,,
trus yg maen y maen aja,,,
mseh enak ngeliat ny org yg maen dlu trus ntar bantu,,,
tpi ini,,,
dri sunset muncul mpe fajar menjelang,,,
duduk d depan pantai,,,,
seolah2 bener2 pembantu ada buat bakarin,,,
jgn kan bantu,,,
sekedar melihat aja GA!!!!!
dan pulang pun lngsung ga liat lgi barang apa yg maseh ada,,,
sumpah tega,,,
me n them also human,,,
mereka yg bukan "siapa2" aja bantu!!!!!
law  tau gini jd ny,,,
ga rela jam tidur kita d singkirkan gara2 acara ini,,,
law ujung2 ny yg ngehargain bukan org yg kita harapkan buat ngehargain kita!!!!!!
tpi setidak ny,,,
acara ny fun,,,
itu yg buat hal ini bisa d terima,,,
thanks for those who really has helping hand,,,
i know u are all tired,,
but it worthed  right???
n thanks for those who realize how to dignify us,,,
specially me,,,
really thanks,,,
hope we have another time like this again,,,
i mean,,
kebersamaan yg kita alami walaupun sebentar,,,