Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Running Man part 1

it's been a few week since I am falling in love with Korean drama and Korean variety shows.
for drama, it's quite long time ago that I've been watching it until now,
but for variety shows it's just few weeks ago,
it's started when one of my friend keep telling me about one of Korean variety show that really make her advertise it like someone who get paid by them (like Korean variety shows company like SBS or CBS ,,,lol).
she told me that you will get addicted to this variety show.
I've been curious since that time she told me about it, but never asked the video.
and finally I got to watch it,,,
like my friend told me,,,
I've addicted to this variety show,,,
I've been watching it several times with not-so-little episode,,,
yeah recently the episode about 90,,,
waiting for the 91,,,
really can't wait,,,
it will broadcast every monday,,,
now let me introduce you the casts of running man!!! (really excited)

1.yu jae suk
   he is the MC for this variety show.he also well known as yoroce willis and grasshopper.
he is so kind hearted person, I do really like him,,,
he also really a honest person, everyone in  running man like him,,,

    every cast in the running man call him  with haroro because he really look like pororo,,,
or they even call him haroro play boy, it happened cause when running man has a female guest,he always make direct confession to them. he is such a funny guy. know how to make everyone laugh.he is the symbol of great spy,,, joong ki
  he is well known as flower joong ki because of his face.he really like ji hyo noona. and that's make him an enemy of gary.he really has a weird habit during the filming. he like to say something funny spontaneous. he is a really good friend with gwang so because of their same age. and i feel kinda sad when he left running man for his acting career and he promise to come back with a better person!!! cant wait to see you again flower joong ki!!!!

4.Lee Gwang Soo
   he is well known as gwangvatar and giraffe. he always get bullied by all of the member cast.everyone like to make a fool of him and that's make him an alliance with ji suk jin that they call it as easy brother but for citizen and others fans call  them dumb and dumber.he totally afraid of jong kook,,, jong kok
    I love this guy,he really has a great manner toward female guest and every female in his entire life.he knows how to treat them well.such as lovely and husband-on-the-list. he is well known as sparta kokie. everyone afraid of him because of his strength,,, when he speak everyone will be in the silent mode suddenly,and when he meet guest who is older then him, he always bow 90 degree directly without hesitation,,,and the important thing when he start to sing every girls heart will melt without doubt.
I like his song especially the song that he sing with gary!!!! love it so much,,,  

6.kang gary
   I LOVE HIM so much!!!
he is the symbol of a great guy,his love for song ji hyo will always be hers,,,,
he never give up about his love.I like when monday couple take their action,,,
and I love his song too!!! he is such a great rapper,,,
love love leessang's song!!!! ji hyo
   she is the only girl in the running man.all of the member really take good care of her.
but everyone like to call her as mong ji hyo that refers as blank ji happen because she always show a blank face when she doesn't understand about something, and she really lucky to have a guy who always take good care of her specially kang gery!!! 

 8.ji suk jin
   the last but not the least,,,the one and only one ji suk jin hyung,,,
he is the symbol of the weakness member all the time.never get chance to have revenge to  those who always bullied him.when he even had once chance,he never succeed.that's make him become more pitiful person in the running man.

I love to watch everything that related to those member.
their movie.their song, their MV,,,,
even their advertisement.
I think i'm kinda addicted to everything about Korea.
drama,movie,song,boyband,girlband even now their country and korean language!!!
i feel like wanna learn it,,,
will start to learn korean language next sem,,,
hope i can make it!!!

ps: wait for my next post about running man!!!