Monday, 20 February 2012

kinda surprise

this is the first time that i heard someone say that,,,
"mulut mu kek ga pernah disekolahin",,,

i'm a bit surprise,,,
I'm so surprise with that phase,,,
I've been trying to keep my mouth not to hurt anybody,,,
been trying so hard,,,
but still,,,
I heard this kind of so-mean-word,,,,
trying to figure it out what did I say to her/him,,,
but got nothing,,,
i cant even remember those word so that people was hurt by it,,,
even I heard this word not from  people who was hurt by it but from her/his friend,,,
everyone knows how bad I am  I think,,,
but i'm not putting blame on you,,,
I know this is my fault,,,
I also understand that,,,
the thing that I dont know and I dont understand is,,,
why didnt you tell me???
directly told me about that,,,
why should I know from somebody else??
that's the biggest Q in my head and until right now it cant be answered,,,

we live in the same place,,,
we eat same food,same drink,,
but why??
I still dont get it,,,
I think I'm going to settle this problem as soon as possible,,,
because I dont want this problem drag on until we doesnt speak anymore,,,
just one thing,,,
it's really make me surprise,,,
I dont get it,,,
och gosh,,,
it's difficult to explain,,,
just feeling like being betray,,,
I think,,
because I dont have any suit word to explain it,,,
just sorry for right now,,,

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