Tuesday, 27 September 2011

we are not terrorist!!!

sometimes i fell like wanna scream as loud as possible 
in front of their face who always say that 
the one who blow up our place of worship was a Moslem.
then can you think that how about us???
who should we blame on to when our mosque were destroyed too????
can you think about that???
even in many country says that 

we are  Moslem also have another label that is A TERRORIST,,,
can you feel that???
can you feel the feeling of being label???
when the terrorist be in action,

blow up everything that they feel like is blocking their ways,
to get the world in their hands,
then the whole world blame us a MUSLIM as a terrorist,,,
it's not even US,,,
the one who blow up your church,y
our office,your house even our mosque !!!! 
doesn't have a religion!!!
how come when they say that 
they are a MUSLIM but they blow up our mosque???
how come???
can you even think about it even for a while before you judge us a Muslim??

the one who blow up our places of worship maybe always bring an Al-quran.
but doesn't mean they are Muslim.
they just assembly of people 
who call themselves as a Muslim but they are not Muslim!!!,
who wanna split it up us as a human being because they are not HUMAN!!!
we are brothers and sisters...
living in the same place our mother of earth even we don't have the same religion.
but still we are human being who have feeling,
why don't we just live our life peacefully???
let's destroy the terrorists which on behalf of themselves as a religious.
and for god sake!!!
stop calling us a group of terrorist!!
because none of us as human being is a terrorist!!!
the one who always blow up our place of worship.
our house,our school,our office is the one who never have a brain and heart!!!
so they are not human,,,

muslim are not terrorist same goes to the others religion,,,,

let talk begins!!!