Thursday, 10 November 2011


it's 11-11-11,,,
today is suppose to be a great day,,,
but guess what,,,
i feel like so useless this time,,,
why all of them is sticking with me right now??
I've done so many mistake and wasted my time with something so useless,,,
and yet still doing it,,
keep repeat it,,,
I 've always done something that made my mom proud of me during my high-school
but why now I just feel like I waste my mom's money,,,
never study,,,
dont know a single thing about math any more,,,
you know what,,
I was great in Math,,,
I love math,,,
but now???
och my,,,
I dont know!!!!
really freaking me out,,
wanna cry!!!!
wanna scream!!!! 
please stay away from me!!!
please!!! T_T

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