Thursday, 30 June 2011

just a wish

yesterday was my best friend birthday,,,
she is also my bassist  in my band,,,
we was planning her birthday party for view days before,,,
been thinking what kinds of party that we wanna make for her,,,
one day before her birthday,,,
we went to KL for watched movie (transformer),,,yuhuuuu,,, :)
was playing at time-square fun , played bowling and she was the one who lost,,,(ahahhahah)
then her sister has been calling us for several times about the party,,,
we really didn't know what she's planning on it,,,
her sister just asked us how to make her,come back to their apartment without any suspicious about it,,,
then,after we got to their place,,,
it was amazing,,,
i knocked the door,,,
the door was opened by her sister,,,
i was speechless,,,'
it was such a great party,,,
there are so many besties, small wishes written by us stick to the wall,,,
so many balloon,,,
apartment  with no bright light was open only small small candle was lit throughout the room,,,,
it was so many small candle,,,
*speechless again

and for the last was the cake,,,
what a special cake,,,
i do love it,,,
and finally birthday song was sang by us,,,
we celebrated her birthday with full of happiness,,,
she really has such a great sister here,,,
I wish my sister here too,,,
so she can make a plan for my birthday party,,,

I really wanna have such a birthday party like that,,,
I want to have a special surprise for my 21st birthday too,,,
someone play guitar and all of my besties sing birthday's song,,,
a special cake,,, ( not cupcake even though i like it lol )
something that really special,,,
there is no eggs is flour at all, no water,coke is thrown too,,,
want such a smile birthday party,nice surprise,
there is no one run around to avoid the egg or that kind of thing,,,

och yeah,,,
I'm growing so fast,,,
i mean not my body,,,
but my age of course,,,
and thankful,,,
I love my life,,,

thanks god for everything,,,

happy birthday JUNE,,,
wish u all the best,,,

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