Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Jay's birthday

another birthday party was celebrated by us,,,
jay's turn last night,,,
it was such a brutal birthday party that we ever celebrate,,,
but it was really fun,,,
let me explain a bit the chronologies of the party,,,
before we're heading to jay's house,,,
we were planning that all of us gather together in my house,,,
then we,,
no no no,,,
actually all of them accept me,wilya, dessy n fellix,,,
was planning that we wouldn't do anything to him,,,
because they wanted to throw durian to him,,,
it's because he doesn't like durian,,,
what a cruel planning,,,,
after that,,,
they put durian mixes with water,coffee powder, and flour,,,
can u imagine it??
all of us who didn't wanna do something bad to him just sit nicely in the bed and did nothing,,,
next thing was,,,
we're heading to his house,,,
he was surprised,,,

here is the birthday boy,,,
was making a wish,,,

and this was the birthday cake,,,
it was really nice,,,

taken by Sergio and ratna,,,
all of us with the birthday boy,,,

me and jay,,,
so lucky can take a picture with the whole cake without any damage,,,
because after he gave me this cake,,,
they was throwing this cake to his face,,,
it was a really nice cakeeeeee,,,

even if it can't be seen,,,
this picture is telling you that it's me who the one that became birthday girl beside the birthday boy,,,
he threw all of the ingredient that was supposed to be our weapon to attack him,,,
even i didn't planning on it,,,
and also the one who from the very first time did nothing,,
exposed to this lovely and beloved weapon,,,
durian and its friends,,,
but it's kinda fun tough,,,

happy birthday jay,,,
many many years return to you,,,
Whatever with the past has gone, The best is always yet to come.
hope all of ur dream comes true,,,
:) :) 

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