Wednesday, 6 July 2011

proud to be an Indonesian

last nite was a cultural nite that was given us,,,,
indo soul and saman dance chance  for show our ability in front of international student from all over the world,,,,
for us indo soul,,,
before the show,,,
exactly a  nite before the show,,,
we was worried because of the committee that wanna cancel our performance,,,
u know,,,
the day before the event they wanna cancel it,,,
how come??
we've been practicing about more than  2 months,,,
it was freaking me out,,,
i was so mad,,,
and luckily i have such a great teammate,,,

and finally we could show what we had,,,
we prove to the committee that because of us indosoul and also saman dance,,,
their event was nothing!!!!!
indo soul have receipt so many compliment from different people,,,
was such a honor for us,,,
we are nothing without u all,,,

and also for saman dnce,,,
they are practicing with every single energy that they have,,,
and they really deserved that award,,,
standing applause for them,,,
really proud to be an Indonesian,,,
last night we were really show them this is Indonesia,,,
a country with so many differences but we are all one unite,,,
nobody cant separate us,,,

thanks to god,,,
everything was going well,,,
nothing less,,,,

here some picture that was taken by julia,,,,

really thanks to you,,,
without you,,,
there is no goods that can we show to our children about the happiness that we felt last night,,,

saman dance got award ,,,
congrats to you,,,,

here i am was sing I dont wanna miss a thing 

saman dance

here we are,,,
indo soul

thanks for those who really supported us,,,
really big big thanks,,,

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