Monday, 16 January 2012

the one who was ever dwells in my heart

I remember that day when I met you for the first time.
we were in the same class, but didn't know for each other.
the day started when for the first time we say hello.
I know you and began talked to you.
but it was only for a moment that we talked nicely.
after several conversation that we had.
we began fighting like tom and jerry.

I was like tired of being so powerless at that time.
when I have to kept my mouth not to yell at you.
I couldn't even say a word when we started to fight.
when you trying to mock me,bullied me,even was trying to calm me down when
I reached my limit of being patient with what you have done to me.
but I've never felt like wanna kick you out of my day,my life.
even you never being nice to me.
everyone always see your smile on the other hand I was like seldom to see it.
you always help them when they need your help,
while I was suffering tried not to bother about you when you tried to put me down.
but the day came when we both knew that,
we had same feeling that even both of us couldn't deny it.

you filled my day with smile.
we had some moment that for me personally wont forget it.
you started made me like I was the only girl that had this feeling.
we made a promise that we wouldn't be a part.
even we had a big big distinction that none of us would willing to change it.

yeah,that was the only obstacle that none of us could avoid.
that was the day when we grown up and start to realize that,
you and I couldn't move to the next level.
we tried our best to keep that relationship went well.
but It didn't work well.
our dream was defeated by our reality that we had different faith.
I've never be chagrined about what we had in the past.
I do really feel that you was given me some strength to smile when I remember our moment.
god was given me the best lesson that I ever had in my life about love.
and you are the lecturer that was given me by god.
from that lecturer I've learned how to be a better person.
sometimes I fell like 

but It's just a cameo that come into my life.
and dear you the one who ever dwells in my heart.
thank you for letting me be a part or your life for a moment. 
I was feeling grateful about it.
and I've already move on.
hope you do so.

me the one who always smile 

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