Wednesday, 26 January 2011


just wanna say thanks to all of u who supported my plan,,,
there is no another word to describe how happy i am when all of this party was succeed,,,
even we have had a several problem which almost made me cried,,,
sorry for kelly and sella,,,
i dont know  how to replace it,,,
saya bener2 terharu,,,
i was thinking that my plan would cancel right away,,,
bnyak sekali hal2 yg terjadi sebelum keberangkatan dimulai,,,
dri kompor hmpir meledak,,
saya terkena percikan minyak panas hampir d seluruh badan,,,
plang balik apartment,,,
bhkan sampai pulang balik nilai-sepang-nilai dan kembli lgi ksepang krna hal yg penting dalam BBQ tertinggal,,,
but it was really fun,,,
i really enjoy it,,,
there is no regret at all,,
u guys so rock me!!!!!
really thank!!!!!
love ya!!!!!

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