Tuesday, 18 January 2011

the one who make me cried!!!!

aku bukan ny racist atau sbgai ny,,,
tpi mereka yg buat aq takut ma mereka,,,
orang itam gila!!!!!!
why the always make themselves like a bad people,,,
they always talk like this " heii,,dont worry,i'm a nice guy...i just wanna be ur friend,,,give me ur number etc",,,
but in fact,,,
they are the worst person that i ever met!!!!
i've never be a coquettish girl,,,
never say haii to them 1st,,,
never wear something to make their eyes big!!!!
and I've never ever touched them at all!!!
but why they like to bother people!!!
they really alice me!!!
why dont you just keep away from me,,,
for the several times i was crying because of them!!!!
hate them so much!!!!!!

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